The FISH! Philosophy’s Impact


Like a house on a solid foundation, every successful organization needs a healthy culture.
The FISH! Philosophy gives you tools to build it.

When coworkers make a commitment to be there for each other, trust grows and teamwork improves. When they make each other’s day with simple gestures of recognition and thanks, people feel valued. When people bring a playful state of mind to work, it releases energy and enthusiasm. When everyone, leaders included, takes responsibility for the attitudes they choose, the team spends less time on unproductive behaviors and more time working for a common goal.


Employee Retention

Studies show people with positive relationships at work, who feel supported and appreciated, are more likely to stay with a job. That’s why organizations that introduce The FISH! Philosophy regularly report increased employee retention.

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Customer Service

Some service programs rely on scripts or steps that appear detached and robotic. The FISH! Philosophy gives you a new awareness of what people need, but lets you be you as you serve. It helps you see customers as individuals with unique needs, and to be proactive rather than passive. This approach helps you see opportunities to delight your customers in ways you couldn’t see before.

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Employee Engagement

Most workplaces have a few employees who are consistently attentive and enthusiastic, who seem to know what you need before you ask, and are happy to look for a solution to any problem. The FISH! Philosophy shows everyone on your team how to reach that standard, making every customer experience exceptional.

Start Improving Employee Engagement

The FISH! Philosophy provides four powerful practices that can impact your organizational culture today.

How can we help you today?

Find a fresh training program or speaker experience that fits your needs.


Build a culture that improves morale and engagement, teamwork, customer service and employee retention.

K-12 Schools

Create positive, safe and cooperative classrooms, allowing teachers and students to focus on learning.


Be a powerful example, improve trust and communication, and bring out the best in your team.

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