Be There.
It’s the glue that brings teams together.

Life is full of distractions. They pull our focus away from the person who needs us now. Be There is a choice to put them first. The payoff? You’ll learn more and build successful relationships with your coworkers and customers.

What does it look like to Be There for people?

Here are five ways to start:

Be aware of others’ needs.

Turn off electronics and email.

Listen to understand.

Clear your mind of judgments.

Be emotionally present.

The FISH! Philosophy can help you create
the change you are looking for.

The FISH! Philosophy is a fresh and powerful training solution. It helps you create a culture where people choose to bring their best to work. Organizations worldwide use The FISH! Philosophy to improve teamwork, customer service, employee engagement, leadership and retention. It works in a fish market and it will work for you. We will show you how.

“The simple principles in FISH! helped us to transform our culture from indifference to enthusiasm.”

- Rob Gregory, owner, Rochester Motor Cars

3 ways to improve your organization with
The FISH! Philosophy:

FISH! eLearning

FISH! eLearning

Personalized Training for Team Success

FISH! Philosophy Speaker: Deena Ebbert

Speaking & Events

Inspire Remarkable Performance

Lead Your Own Training

Spark Energy & Engagement

The FISH! Philosophy Experience Keys to Success:

  • Engagement
  • Inspiration
  • Conversation
  • Action
  • Recognition
  • Leadership

When you introduce The FISH! Philosophy, you’re creating an experience designed to build personal commitment and team purpose.



Ready to learn more?
Watch to see how The FISH! Philosophy works!

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Play is a mindset
that brings new energy
to everything you do.
It boosts engagement
and creativity.



Find simple, meaningful ways
to show people you value
them. It transforms
everyday interactions
into special memories.



In every situation
you have the power to
“choose” your attitude.
Is your choice helping you—
and everyone around you?


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