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To serve you, we need to get to know you. We learn everything we can about your organization, your industry and what’s happening in your world. It’s the first step in building a trusting relationship with you. 

Time to hear from you. What is most important to your organization? How do you stand out? What are you celebrating? What challenges are you facing? How do you want people to feel during and after the event?   

From your input, we create a “map” of how your event will accomplish your objectives. It describes what we are doing and why, and we work on it until you are totally satisfied.      

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Unlike many speakers, we adjust to your schedule. We are ready to pivot if something changes last minute. Whatever happens, we are there for you.

Sometimes you want us to help you celebrate. Or maybe you want us to guide you through confusion or conflict. In either case, we ignite real conversations about who you want to be—and how you can Be There for each other.

A FISH! event is a chance to be curious, learn more about yourself and have fun. We don’t try to fill you with our “wisdom”. We’d rather inspire you to find the wisdom already inside you. That’s how you build personal commitment.  

Often it takes just a slight shift in perspective to see things you never considered before. Maybe it’s letting go of habits that hold you back. Maybe it’s understanding better how your attitudes lift people up or drag them down. Whether you are analytical or emotional, FISH! can help you see new ways to succeed.

Organizational Takeaways

When you reach out to coworkers, including those you take for granted, they realize that “I am not alone. I am valued.” It’s a powerful way to break down silos, strengthen teamwork and inspire people to give their best.

People of all ages, including millennials, want a culture that is emotionally supportive. They value relationships and want to be appreciated. The FISH! Philosophy helps you build a workplace that attracts and retains great employees.

Outstanding service isn’t grounded in processes or scripts. It comes from understanding “I can make a positive difference for everyone I meet today.” Customers love being served by people who are genuine.

The FISH! Philosophy supports any vision, values and mission. It’s a simple, practical way to live your beliefs more consistently.

FISH! events emphasize being present for people who need you, showing appreciation and welcoming new ideas. Those are key skills for leaders today.

Your Event

With each live event, you receive any FISH! Philosophy video learning program free. These programs are a perfect way to continue essential conversations that deepen staff relationships and strengthen your culture.

Our expert staff is always there for you to offer support and suggestions.

Events, Keynotes & Facilitation

Our amazing speakers are passionate about The FISH! Philosophy. They awaken the wholeheartedness your team needs to excel.


John Christensen

A filmmaker and CEO of ChartHouse Learning, John Christensen has always been fascinated by people who work with passion. When he encountered a fish market that pulsed with that energy and purpose, he knew he had to make a film about it. John shares the insights that led him to make the film FISH! and how the FISH! Philosophy can help anyone be more effective at work and home. To John, qualities like wholeheartedness and spirit aren’t extra—they are the foundation of success for any team or organization.

Mike Mraz

Mike’s 40 years as a business owner, consultant, trainer and performance coach has given him deep insights into what makes businesses work—or not. He has helped hundreds of organizations develop cultures where people are appreciated, nurtured and supported. As a FISH! Guide, his greatest joy is seeing people reignite their passion, see new possibilities in their work, and renew their faith in their own potential.


When you find wholeness and spirit in work, creativity and quality will soar.
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Jonathan Goble MHA, MBA, FACHE

Jonathan Goble has over 35 years as a Healthcare CEO with health systems across Iowa, Indiana and Illinois. He most recently served as the President/CEO of University of Chicago Medicine Ingalls Memorial Hospital, a 568-bed community health system affiliated with the University of Chicago.

A native of Paw Paw, Illinois, Goble earned a BA in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University in 1980, a Master’s in Hospital Administration from Tulane University in 1984, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Iowa in 1995. Mr. Goble is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives and has received numerous awards and recognition for his servant leadership. Mr. Goble has been recognized for his ability to create an outstanding corporate culture and has leveraged this into strategic advantages in the organizations across Iowa, Indiana and, most recently, Illinois. In recognition of this notoriety, he has delivered numerous Keynote Presentations nationally and internationally on Leadership and Corporate Culture in the Workplace. He is currently in the process of authoring his first book on the subject of leadership.

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Goble has served in community leadership throughout his career, including the Indiana Hospital Association Governance Committee, the Carmel Indiana Rotary, the Hamilton County Airport Advisory Board, a former Advisory Board member of Timmy Global Health, and supports the Boy Scouts of America. Goble has been a frequent guest lecturer at Anderson University, Butler University, Indiana University Kelley School of Business and the University of Indianapolis. He served 14 years as Sound Technician for St Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church Youth Choir, located in Carmel, Indiana.

Goble’s interests include music, (he plays piano, guitar and banjo), aviation (he is an instrument-rated private pilot), reading, and cycling.

Goble currently resides in Coloma, Michigan with his wife of 38 years, Theresa. The couple has two grown children.


LaMarqué D. Ward Sr., M.Ed.

LaMarqué D. Ward Sr. is an internationally acclaimed educator, speaker, author, trainer and Dream Building coach. He is a captivating leader whose charismatic speeches influence students and professionals alike. Through profound insight, LaMarqué engages his audience by reaching common ground with others.

His passion for unleashing potential in others is infectious – and he has created a guide to prove he stands behind this passion. His first book “Competing as a Lifestyle You vs. You, A Student’s Guide to Greatness” has been successfully received. Even greater success resulted from his sophomore manuscript “Dream Building for Parents” and his anti-bullying book series “Malik’s Big Dream” and “Malik The Difference Maker.” His life experiences give him a unique credibility with his audiences – and his natural talent for connecting with people from any background gives him the ability to break through to audiences during his speeches and trainings.

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He is an expert in tuning into the needs of others by breaking down barriers in cultures that ordinarily hinder results. He shares his life in the form of practical wisdom that is easily translated to his audience. He does so by letting his audience know that, although his road was not easy, he did not let any barrier get in his way. He turned every barrier into a teachable moment and these experiences, coupled with his academic achievements, have propelled him to a dynamic level of insight and wisdom. He has lead successful at-risk youth efforts in Cincinnati and around the country by providing expert level leadership development and coaching for staff. He also created several student interventions that focus on social emotional learning (SEL) for students.

LaMarqué is vice president of the Collective Empowerment Group Cincinnati, is the LSDMC Board Chair at Ethel M. Taylor Academy, and serves on the Executive Board of Urban Young Life Cincinnati.

He holds an Associate of Arts degree from South Plains College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministries from Faith Theological Seminary, a Master of Education from the University of Phoenix, and is a John Maxwell Team Certified coach, trainer, and speaker.

“Difficulty and opportunity owe no one a warning.”
LaMarqué D. Ward Sr.
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“Just wanted to thank you for a FANTASTIC program you delivered for 
our organization! We have received nothing but RAVE reviews. 
Many of us were very inspired, both by your stories as well as your facilitations.

Pamela Duda Davis, Merck & Co., Inc. 

FISH! Works! A few organizations who have
invested in The FISH! Philosophy:

FISH! Train the Trainer

At FISH! Train the Trainer, you’ll learn how to create an energized organization that is the “first choice” for customers and employees.

FISH! Train the Trainer

Become a master FISH! trainer at this three-day, highly interactive workshop. Learn proven, step-by-step methods to apply the philosophy for maximum success. Pick up helpful tips from fellow FISH! Philosophers and develop a strategy to embed the philosophy into the DNA of your culture. Move your organization forward and become equipped for greater professional success.

The next Train the Trainer event:

October 28 – 30, 2020

12pm EST – 3:30pm EST

Virtual (via Zoom)

Questions? Call 800.695.4534 or email info@fishphilosophy.com

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FISH! For Schools Workshops

Whether you’re kicking off a great school year or recharging your staff in the midst of a challenging one, our experienced speakers help you build a caring culture that improves learning.


FISH! For Schools – Workshops

FISH! For Schools workshops give you the tools to create a productive, safe and fun learning culture. Strengthen relationships among staff and students, and help students experience how good it feels to respect and help others. Reduce discipline problems and bullying, so you have more time to focus on teaching. Attend a national event or we will work with you to create a customized workshop for your school or district. 


FISH! For Schools Presenter, Doug Strauss

Doug Strauss, one of the Pike Place fishmongers who inspired the FISH! video, shows you how to apply this simple philosophy to achieve success and fulfillment. With practical strategies and personal lessons from his life as a fishmonger, teacher, coach and parent, Doug shows you how to build relationships and trust, and take charge of how you respond to life’s challenges.

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FISH! For Schools Presenter, Tamarah Myers

Research shows students must feel safe—emotionally and physically—before they can learn. Tamarah Myers is dedicated to helping you build a safe, supportive school through The FISH! Philosophy.

Tamarah began her career as a teacher in an inner city New Orleans public high school, then was educational director for a inpatient counseling program. As the longtime coordinator of behavior support programs for a large Louisiana School District, Tamarah learned about the FISH! Philosophy. To her, the four FISH! practices—Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day and Play—described what a great school culture looks like.

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Under her guidance the district adopted the FISH! practices as the behavioral expectations it taught and reinforced through its Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) program. As a consultant and trainer in several behavior support initiatives, Tamarah taught FISH! as the foundation for behavior initiatives such as PBIS, Bully Prevention and Restorative Justice Practices.

Through her extensive experience, Tamarah recognizes that positive behavior must be taught like any other subject. Social competence is more important than ever,” she says. We must build childrens strengths from the inside out. FISH! teaches students to support and protect each other.”

The beauty of The FISH! Philosophy is that applies to every part of your life, Tamarah says. The FISH! practices build social skills students can take from grade to grade, and beyond. And you can take these skills anywhere. FISH! doesnt just build a better school, it creates a better life.”

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“A gift that will enhance your teaching experience.

David Downing, Principal 

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