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Our expert presenters have inspired organizations around the world to find new passion and purpose. We will work with you to customize an unforgettable experience that meets your specific goals.

We’ll show you how the FISH! practices help you create the work life you’ve always wanted. You’ll learn how to apply these simple practices to:

  • Improve communication and trust.
  • Break down silos.
  • Deliver memorable customer service.
  • Retain great employees.
  • Increase staff engagement and commitment.
  • Ignite creativity.
  • Celebrate and appreciate each other.
  • Strengthen leadership.
  • Truly live your vision, mission and values.

Events, Keynotes & Facilitation

You’ve never experienced anything as inspiring or fun as a FISH! event! Our amazing speakers are passionate about The FISH! Philosophy. They awaken the wholeheartedness your team needs to excel.


Deena Ebbert

Deena is the world’s leading FISH! presenter. She’s inspiring, insightful, funny and real. Deena has a passion for performance, as a former professional opera singer and longtime member of corporate America, where she led many top-performing teams. She understands how to motivate teams through trust and understanding. Deena has a gift for helping you see your work—and life—in a new way, so you can create unprecedented results.

Deena is available to lead a variety of of FISH! events, including keynotes and facilitations.

“… incredibly inspiring … captivating, funny, serious, real, and overall intoxicating. You left us with powerful messages and tools to make us better professionals and people.”

Julie B. Hirsch, Ph.D., Johnson & Johnson Consumer & Personal Products Worldwide

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John Christensen

A filmmaker and CEO of ChartHouse Learning, John Christensen has always been fascinated by people who work with passion. When he encountered a fish market that pulsed with that energy and purpose, he knew he had to make a film about it. John shares the insights that led him to make the film FISH! and how the FISH! Philosophy can help anyone be more effective at work and home. To John, qualities like wholeheartedness and spirit aren’t extra—they are the foundation of success for any team or organization.

When you find wholeness and spirit in work, creativity and quality will soar.

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“Just wanted to thank you for a FANTASTIC program you delivered for 
our organization! We have received nothing but RAVE reviews. 
Many of us were very inspired, both by your stories as well as your facilitations.

Pamela Duda Davis, Merck & Co., Inc. 

FISH! Works! A few organizations who have
invested in The FISH! Philosophy:

FISH! For Schools Workshops

Whether you’re kicking off a great school year or recharging your staff in the midst of a challenging one, our experienced speakers help you build a caring culture that improves learning.


FISH! For Schools – Workshops

FISH! For Schools workshops give you the tools to create a productive, safe and fun learning culture. Strengthen relationships among staff and students, and help students experience how good it feels to respect and help others. Reduce discipline problems and bullying, so you have more time to focus on teaching. Attend a national event or we will work with you to create a customized workshop for your school or district. 

Our FISH! For Schools presenters are: 


Steve Mintz

Steve has more than 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher, camp and retreat director, curriculum designer and downhill ski coach. (He also plays a mean rhythm guitar in a band.) Steve has trained educators across the country and facilitators around the world. Steve’s engaging style helps you connect with new ideas and age-old wisdom so you connect more effectively with colleagues and students.

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Doug Strauss

Doug Strauss, one of the Pike Place fishmongers who inspired the FISH! video, shows you how to apply this simple philosophy to achieve success and fulfillment. With practical strategies and personal lessons from his life as a fishmonger, teacher, coach and parent, Doug shows you how to build relationships and trust, and take charge of how you respond to life’s challenges.

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Tamarah Myers, M.Ed.

Students must feel safe—emotionally and physically—before they can learn. Behavior expert Tamarah Myers will help you build a safe, supportive learning culture. As coordinator of behavioral support for a large Louisiana school district, she successfully used FISH! as the foundation of initiatives such as Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, Bullying Prevention and Restorative Justice Practices. “FISH! teaches students to support and protect each other,” she says. “It builds essential social skills for a lifetime.”

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“A gift that will enhance your teaching experience.

David Downing, Principal 

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