Understanding the Link between Organizational Culture and Profit Margin

All corporations, for-profit or not for profit, must have a margin. The cost of healthcare has been scrutinized for many years and yet it continues to rise. Hospitals are becoming more financially challenged and leadership has to determine the strategy to sustain the financial health of their institutions. There are two opposing strategies to accomplish both improved culture and margin. Does the leadership focus on the margin so the team can pay higher wages and pay for the “nice things to do for the staff” to then improve the corporate culture? Or do they focus on the organization's culture to improve the margin?

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Four FISH! Philosophy tips to help each other handle stress

Human beings, like all animals in communities, are wired to feel what people around them are feeling. It’s an evolutionary trait: When a cave dweller anticipated a threat, the sooner other tribe members picked up on those perceptions, the safer they’d all be. It works much the same today, except the threats aren’t woolly mammoths. Our stresses come from being asked to do more with less. Information overload. Fear of mistakes. Tension with coworkers. Possible layoffs. It’s estimated up to 50 percent of employees view work as the main source of stress in their lives. That means you or the person working next to you is probably feeling overwhelmed. Inevitably one of you will start to feel it too.

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Memorable Quotes from 20 Years of The FISH! Philosophy

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been 20 years since our award-winning video, FISH!, introduced The FISH! Philosophy to the world. Over the next year, we’ll celebrate by sharing inspiring stories, tips and activities to help you continue to live the four practices. Be sure to look for special offers on our programs and workshops throughout the year. In this month’s blog, we kick off 20 Years of FISH! with 10 great quotes from people who have used The FISH! Philosophy to improve their work and lives:

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3 things you didn’t know about The FISH! Philosophy – Part 1

You may know FISH! is an amazing training film, and that our FISH! Philosophy learning programs are used by organizations around the world. You may know FISH! was inspired by the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. But here are some things you may not know. For the next three weeks we’ll reveal one little-known fact per week and explain how it can help you work and live more successfully. Here’s the first:

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Choose Your Attitude – 4 Steps to Ditch the Drama

Need a Choose Your Attitude boost? Check out these 4 simple steps and 5 favorite quotes via Deena Ebbert aka Propellergirl. Attitude is adhesive; the choices we make regarding our state of mind invariably impact those around us.  There are days we wake in a rush, haphazardly slap on some attitude, and hustle out the door.  Perhaps [...]

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Your Brain on Happy – Neurotransmitters and the FISH! Philosophy

The science of happiness, featuring the practices of FISH! and four favorite neurotransmitters, via Deena Ebbert aka Propellergirl. “Hardwired for happy” is more than my motto, it’s a scientific passion. Particularly, I’m fascinated by the four neurotransmitters commonly credited for relaying messages of happiness throughout the brain: Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. Since this week’s focus is [...]

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