4 Key FISH! Philosophy Lessons from Teachers

As the school year wraps up, take a moment to remember your favorite teachers. They didn’t just teach you about academics. They taught you about life. They inspired you to want to learn. They showed you how to work successfully with others. We’ve met many dedicated educators who use the FISH! Philosophy to improve the lives of their students. Here are 4 lessons we can apply to our adult lives:

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Top 4 FISH! Tips for Classroom Management

It all starts with relationships. Another school year is approaching. What’s on your classroom management “to-do” list? For many educators, relationships is at the top of the list. According to educational researchers Jana and Robert Marzano, teachers who build “high-quality relationships” with students experience 31% fewer discipline issues. A study using data from the National [...]

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FISH! For Schools: The foundation of a positive school culture

People often ask us how The FISH! Philosophy, which was created for business, became popular in schools. They are surprised to learn that we have a FISH! program specifically for K-12 schools. Here’s how it's helping educators teach positive behavior, reduce bullying and improve learning.   Sometimes the best lessons come from the most unlikely [...]

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