Memorable Quotes from 20 Years of The FISH! Philosophy

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been 20 years since our award-winning video, FISH!, introduced The FISH! Philosophy to the world. Over the next year, we’ll celebrate by sharing inspiring stories, tips and activities to help you continue to live the four practices. Be sure to look for special offers on our programs and workshops throughout the year. In this month’s blog, we kick off 20 Years of FISH! with 10 great quotes from people who have used The FISH! Philosophy to improve their work and lives:

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3 things you didn’t know about The FISH! Philosophy – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our three-blog series on things you may not know about The FISH! Philosophy. Last week we revealed that what you “leave in the car” when you go into work each day can help you find new happiness and success at work. Here’s another little-known fact about FISH! and how it can help you:

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Effective Teamwork Skills and Human Needs: How The FISH! Philosophy Brings Them Together

According to the Harvard Business Review, people spend 50% more time in “collaborative activities” than they did 20 years ago. That’s not surprising, given the increasing complexity of doing business in a global economy. As a result many organizations and university researchers are trying to help teams, not just individuals, perform more effectively. One of [...]

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“Boy, is your wife going to be happy with you.” — A FISH! Philosophy customer service story

Summer is time for home improvement. One of our colleagues related how one employee used The FISH! Philosophy to turn a routine shopping excursion into a memorable customer service experience: One Saturday morning, Harry walked into a large home improvement store. He intended to fulfill a long-delayed promise to his wife to put up gutters. Not [...]

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Pasta and Hugs

Here’s a great FISH! story from one of our former colleagues: On my birthday a couple of years ago, my wife, kids and in-laws took me to an Italian restaurant known for its festive environment. Our waitress was a young woman named Karen. She had a warm, vivacious personality, and a sixth sense for when [...]

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