Top 4 FISH! Tips for Classroom Management

It all starts with relationships. Another school year is approaching. What’s on your classroom management “to-do” list? For many educators, relationships is at the top of the list. According to educational researchers Jana and Robert Marzano, teachers who build “high-quality relationships” with students experience 31% fewer discipline issues. A study using data from the National [...]

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Control vs. Commitment

The news is full of stories these days about school discipline. How do educators maintain order so learning may occur? It’s a complex subject. Here are some thoughts from our book, Schools of FISH!:        In 1977, psychologist Carl Rogers described the traditional classroom: “The teachers are the possessors of knowledge, the students [...]

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FISH! For Schools: The foundation of a positive school culture

People often ask us how The FISH! Philosophy, which was created for business, became popular in schools. They are surprised to learn that we have a FISH! program specifically for K-12 schools. Here’s how it's helping educators teach positive behavior, reduce bullying and improve learning.   Sometimes the best lessons come from the most unlikely [...]

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No One is Ever Alone

Excerpt from the book: Schools of FISH! For Amy Amsden, a kindergarten teacher at Gage, The FISH! Philosophy matched her own philosophies. “FISH! is about better relationships,” she says. “I’m the first adult my students deal with regularly in school. That’s why it’s so important for the class to spend the first few weeks establishing [...]

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