Learn how The FISH! Philosophy helped increase customer satisfaction for this dealership to the top 10% in its region, doubling sales, and raising employee satisfaction levels.

Rochester Motor Cars

Full-service Ford/Toyota automotive dealership located in Rochester, MN with 200 employees.


Rochester Ford/Toyota had been a mainstay in the Rochester area for decades. Although the dealership had always turned in satisfactory profit levels, it had also been turning in the worst customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction levels. The new owner, Rob Gregory, wanted the dealership to positively perform on all levels, not just on the numbers.


  1. Regain the respect and loyalty of customers and employees.
  2. Move to a customer-centric business model.
  3. Overcome the strong resistance among many employees that nothing will change.
  4. Bridge the respect gap between technicians and sales people.
  5. Have more fun selling cars.

FISH! Approach

Rob Gregory and his team leveraged The FISH! Philosophy as a foundation for inspiring and focusing their new esprit de corps, then springboarding into new ways that their dealership could implement, own and customize FISH!

Fresh FISH! Experiences

Horse-drawn carriage rides for customers through car lots.

Weekly meetings between owner and technicians.

Commitment to escorting customers to different departments rather than just pointing the way.

Dealership values printed on business cards.

FISH! billboards advertising commitment to philosophy to both customers and employees.


  • Six-month 30% increase in Customer Satisfaction taking the dealership from worst to the top 10% in its region.
  • Employee satisfaction levels soared.
  • Car sales doubled.
  • Employees realized they weren’t just selling cars, they were having an impact on people’s lives.
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“At first I thought about leaving. Then I came to understand that what works in the fish business works in the car business: serve people, make it fun, have a good attitude and be there when you’re needed.”

-Sam Grosso, Sales Associate

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