FISH! Philosophy friends, hi! YOU are the very heart of FISH!, and we’d love to hear your stories of inspiration, support, ways to keep connected… even when we’re at a distance. Your perspective is vital and delightful! Please join in the conversation.

Maybe you’ll share a Be There moment of compassionate care. Or show us the ways you’ve found lighthearted levity and laughter with Play. Let us know… how is the Attitude you Choose serving you? Or give a shout-out to a person you’ve seen go out of their way to Make a Day!

Whether it’s thoughtful or goofy or self-care or a little gesture that makes a big difference, we want to see it! What are you creating out there? Please share… your videos, your photos, your words of wisdom. (Just post on social media using #fishphilosophy!) Your friends at ChartHouse Learning want to know how FISH! is happening in your world. Thanks!

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