The FISH! system is simple and effective!

The FISH! System is built on four practices we can all leverage:

  • Be There.
  • Play.
  • Make Their Day.
  • Choose Your Attitude.

Sounds simple, right? It is! Our approach builds on those simple truths that everyone knows:

  • Kids want to learn.
  • Everyone’s attitudes shape the classroom and school environment.
  • We all want ways to care for each other.
  • We all love to play.

FISH! combines these practices and facts, bringing them to the heart of the classroom and school discipline framework – and it leads to transformed results!

A teacher told the school board the first six weeks of FISH! was the best six weeks of her teaching career. – Candace Call, Principal

FISH! for Schools is not about adding more things to your plate.  It’s meant to fit into your existing curriculum to reduce unproductive behavior – allowing more space for learning, discovery, achievement, creativity and fun.

The Guided Journey Workbook provides 10 lessons for staff to experiment with, discuss and reflect on to strengthen understanding of the 4 FISH! practices and to recognize the impact teachers have on their students’ lives.

Our Classroom Experience Guides provides experiences (lessons) to help educators and students make the FISH! Philosophy real and relevant.

Together, these tools help FISH! come to life in your school.  The result is a cohesive culture focused on supporting each other in learning.

Building a supportive and effective culture is what FISH! is all about!

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