Improving Employee Retention and
Recruitment Starts with FISH!

PROBLEM: Recruiting and retaining Millennials

Millennials are the largest generation at work today and their influence will grow. While Millennials share basic values with earlier generations, they have important needs employers must understand. If not, Millennials are more likely than past generations to leave for another job. Those turnover expenses can be costly.

SOLUTION: Build a culture Millennials love with
The FISH! Philosophy

Millennials value an emotionally supportive environment. They want to know their work has purpose. They value close relationships with colleagues. They want to be recognized regularly and be heard. The FISH! Philosophy helps you build a culture that meets these needs and motivates them to contribute their unique talents.

If you’re looking to improve employee retention
and recruitment, consider this:

“Millennials care about having managers who . . . value them as both people and employees, and who help them understand and build their strengths.”
Gallup Report: How Millennials Want to Work and Live
“78% of Millennials say workplace environment affects their decisions to stay at a job.”
RingCentral Survey
“Younger workers see ‘play’ at work as a natural way of bringing their stress levels down and making them more productive.”
Bright HR Study: It Pays to Play

The FISH! Philosophy can help you create
the change you are looking for.

The FISH! Philosophy is a fresh and powerful training solution. It helps you create a culture where people choose to bring their best to work. Organizations worldwide use The FISH! Philosophy to improve teamwork, customer service, employee engagement, leadership and retention. It works in a fish market and it will work for you. We will show you how.

“Every time I bring a visitor to our hospital, they say: ‘Everybody smiles here.’ FISH! has a huge impact on our retention (97 percent) and recruitment.”

– Lauri Tanner, CEO, Ranken Jordan Hospital

4 ways to improve your organization with
The FISH! Philosophy:

FISH! eLearning

FISH! eLearning

Personalized Training for Team Success

FISH! Philosophy Speaker: Deena Ebbert

Speaking & Events

Inspire Remarkable Performance

Lead Your Own Training

Spark Energy & Engagement

Leadership Coaching

Powerful Leadership Development

Explore other areas for improvement:


Most people are not engaged in their work. The FISH! Philosophy empowers people to bring all of their talents
to work.



Customers love being served by people who love their work. FISH! helps “wow” customers by offering distinctive, authentic service.



The key to great teams is how they treat each other. The FISH! Philosophy builds trust with the teammates
who need you.



Organizations need
expanded thinking. The FISH! Philosophy creates a culture where innovative ideas flourish.


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