Build a Thriving Remote Company Culture and Embrace Change


A great culture starts with great leadership.

Our leadership team had a full plate when they joined ChartHouse Learning (the official home of The FISH! Philosophy) in February 2020. And then the pandemic forced remote work on us indefinitely. Thankfully, we had The FISH! Philosophy to guide our actions. We were able to overcome many challenges as world events impacted us as a company. If you’re struggling with building culture remotely, we hope our experience can provide ideas on how you can successfully approach change within your organization.

We discuss:

  • How the FISH! practices can help leaders build trust and psychological safety at work.
  • Why leadership needs to be deliberate in living The FISH! Philosophy every day, and how to invite your team to join in.
  • Our zoom meeting (a.k.a dinner table) approach to foster strong work relationships and healthy company culture.

Suzie Heiam is joined by John Christensen, Owner of ChartHouse Learning, Jonathan Goble and LaMarqué Ward Sr., M.Ed.

Listen to the audio version below:

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