Organizations that achieve the greatest success with The FISH! Philosophy point to three requirements:

  • A powerful FISH! introduction that makes people excited and invested.
  • Continuing conversations that reinforce The FISH! Philosophy and make it part of “the way we do things around here.”
  • Leaders who model the FISH! Philosophy in their own behavior.

The FISH! Culture Kit delivers all of these essential ingredients. it includes:

  • The original FISH! video.
  • FISH! Trainer Tools, a step-by-step guide to leading a “World Famous” FISH! kickoff. Includes 28 videos of master trainers demonstrating key training steps and other kickoff resources.   
  • FISH! Culture, with 10 additional videos and resources to strengthen commitment and ingrain the FISH! practices into the DNA of your organization.
  • FISH! For Leaders, a 6-unit video course to help leaders be aware of their impact, lead by example and inspire their teams to excel.
  • 60-minute Coaching Call
  • Sample Bundle (1 Pete the Perch, 1 FISH! Pen, 1 Our Workplace Poster)