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85% of people dislike their jobs.
Our FISH! Philosophy inspires and teaches business leaders to create company cultures that keep employees invested for years to come.

We understand how important healthy company culture is, so we created FISH! Masterclass: Leadership. You can become a catalyst for positive change within your organization, and we have the proven tools to support you.

What’s included in FISH! Masterclass:

leadership masterclass

The Details:

    • 4 Coaching sessions designed to help you lead more effectively (Includes four, 3-hour sessions of consultation via video chat with one FISH! Coach. The creator of The FISH! Philosophy, John Christensen, will join the conversation with your FISH! Coach for the last session.)
    • Collaborate, learn and laugh with like-minded leaders from across the globe. We keep the group coaching sessions limited to 10 or less to encourage high engagement and create a strong support network.
    • On-demand access to the original FISH! video and all 6 FISH! For Leaders Series of videos
    • Digital Participant Workbooks of the FISH! For Leaders Series
    • FREE personal coaching call with an expert FISH! Coach ($300 value!)

Price of sessions: $1299 $999** 

**Due to international taxing laws, these workshops are only offered to US clients.

More classes coming soon.

“All I can say is WOW, just WOW!  I have found FISH! Masterclass to be totally energizing, exciting, and inspiring! This has given me something to latch onto that is so positive and such an ACTIVE step forward for a broken team. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I am so motivated again, and I see a clear path in front of me to bring us together again with a unified goal of a stronger team.”

Katherine Behm, Director of Community Relations and Patient Experience, Life Care Center of the South Shore

Coaching Sessions

Who is FISH! Masterclass: Leadership for?

Anyone who wants to move their organization or team forward—owners, managers, operations directors, internal training/HR professionals. A perfect fit for the person who is looking to personally develop their leadership skills so they can get in position to grow with their company.

Your FISH! Coaches

LaMarqué D.

Ward Sr., M.Ed.


LaMarqué D. Ward Sr. is an internationally acclaimed educator, speaker, author, trainer and Dream Building coach. He is a captivating leader whose charismatic speeches influence students and professionals alike. Through profound insight, LaMarqué engages his audience by reaching common ground with others.

His passion for unleashing potential in others is infectious – and he has created a guide to prove he stands behind this passion. His first book “Competing as a Lifestyle You vs. You, A Student’s Guide to Greatness” has been successfully received. Even greater success resulted from his sophomore manuscript “Dream Building for Parents” and his anti-bullying book series “Malik’s Big Dream” and “Malik The Difference Maker.” His life experiences give him a unique credibility with his audiences – and his natural talent for connecting with people from any background gives him the ability to break through to audiences during his speeches and trainings.

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He is an expert in tuning into the needs of others by breaking down barriers in cultures that ordinarily hinder results. He shares his life in the form of practical wisdom that is easily translated to his audience. He does so by letting his audience know that, although his road was not easy, he did not let any barrier get in his way. He turned every barrier into a teachable moment and these experiences, coupled with his academic achievements, have propelled him to a dynamic level of insight and wisdom. He has lead successful at-risk youth efforts in Cincinnati and around the country by providing expert level leadership development and coaching for staff. He also created several student interventions that focus on social emotional learning (SEL) for students.

LaMarqué is vice president of the Collective Empowerment Group Cincinnati, is the LSDMC Board Chair at Ethel M. Taylor Academy, and serves on the Executive Board of Urban Young Life Cincinnati.

He holds an Associate of Arts degree from South Plains College, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministries from Faith Theological Seminary, a Master of Education from the University of Phoenix, and is a John Maxwell Team Certified coach, trainer, and speaker.

Gene Girdley

Certified FISH! Consultant

Gene Girdley is Founder and President of DelRae Learning and Development. He is a leader in business processes, corporate culture change, and content development for Learning Management Systems. He has reached the highest levels of performance in automotive sales, finance & sales management, as well as holding key roles in corporate learning & development. As a National Sales Trainer and Retail Performance Manager for two major manufacturers, Gene has been certified to deliver programs such as Mind-Mapping, Time-Management, Building High-Performing Teams, and Customer Contact Skills. Gene utilized The FISH! Philosophy with great success in the onboarding process for new team members in his work in retail automotive.

John Christensen

Creator of The FISH! Philosophy, New York Times best-selling author of FISH!
(over 6 million copies sold)

John Christensen is a filmmaker, best-selling author, and chairman and chief creative infuser of Minneapolis-based ChartHouse Learning. The company is the official home of The FISH! Philosophy, a life-long philosophy offering fresh inspiration to help people feel more alive and engaged in the work they do.

Christensen developed The FISH! Philosophy in 1998 based on his observations of the inspiring way in which the fishmongers of Seattle’s Pike Place Fish Market approach their work every day. He translated his observations into four practices — Be There, Play, Make Their Day and Choose Your Attitude — and created the film FISH! Catch The Energy, Release The Potential. The film has been translated into 17 languages in 32 countries to date and is the foundation for six more films based on The FISH! Philosophy.

Christensen in 2000 co-authored FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, which has been translated into 34 languages and has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide and is a New York Times Bestseller. Between 2002 and 2004 he co-authored three more FISH! books — FISH! Tales, FISH! Sticks and FISH! For Life — which are also sold worldwide and have combined sales of more than 1 million copies.

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As ChartHouse Learning’s chairman and chief creative infuser, Christensen is the organization’s vision keeper and lead talent scout. He focuses on creating a team and workplace culture that values and rewards creativity and collaboration and is rooted in personal freedom, wholeheartedness and authenticity. Under his leadership, ChartHouse Learning in 2004 introduced FISH! For Schools and FISH! For College, its first industry-focused tools. In less than one year, both tools were being used by educators in all 50 states and distribution was expanded to Canada.

In a classic shipping-clerk-to-company-chairman story, John Christensen joined ChartHouse Learning in 1984. The company was originally founded in 1955 by John’s father Ray Christensen and was a successful production house for a variety of film projects, including documentaries, business films and television advertisements. John worked side by side with his father for nearly 15 years learning every aspect of the filmmaking craft. He assumed leadership of the company in 1998, the same year The FISH! Philosophy was introduced.

Christensen and the company have been recognized with more than 20 national and international film, creative and business awards since the late 1990s. In 2004, the company received the prestigious EXPY — Experience Stager of the Year — Award from Strategic Horizons LLP, a leading business thinking studio founded by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, authors of The Experience Economy.

Christensen earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota’s College of Education & Human Development in 1983. He is a board member of The LifeSkills Center for Leadership, Famous Dave Anderson’s leadership training center for native youth located in Minneapolis.

Christensen speaks frequently to a wide range of organizations about his discovery of The FISH! Philosophy and how it helps organizations reach business goals — improving innovation, productivity, leadership, culture, retention and customer service. He is also a worldwide media resource on the topics of workplace and employee transformation.

A self-professed retail junkie, Christensen enjoys discovering new retail experiences in his spare time. He’s also an avid reader. He lives with his wife and two daughters in the Twin Cities suburb of Minnetonka.

From a fish market to Fortune 100,

The FISH! Philosophy lives here.

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