For Healthcare

Hospitals, clinic and senior care facilities use this philosophy to support their vital missions and values.

Need to Improve Employee Retention?

When hospitals struggle with employee retention, patient experience also suffers, which often creates:

  • Low HCAHPS Scores
  • Poor Employee Engagement
  • Lack of Teamwork
Career Opportunities

Need Healthcare
Leadership Training?

Learning how to create an organizational culture in healthcare that inspires team engagement can:

  • Reduce Departmental Issues
  • Improve Team Morale
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction

The FISH! Philosophy

Compassionate health care starts with being fully present for people who need you. Showing you value them. Offering a smile to lift their spirits. Choosing your attitude in challenging situations. These human fundamentals are the heart of The FISH! Philosophy.

The FISH! Philosophy offers healthcare administrators, clinicians, and staff simple strategies to increase engagement, retention, and patient satisfaction

FISH! in Healthcare

Improved patient satisfaction 93% into their care program.

98% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

90% increase in overall patient satisfaction for their home care for seniors program.

“Patient satisfaction is a byproduct of an engaged workforce. When people understand that their work has meaning, they perform their jobs differently, and patents notice the improvement.”

– Jonathan Goble, former President of the University of Chicago Ingalls Memorial Hospital,