Compassionate health care starts with being fully present for people who need you. Showing you value them. Offering a smile to lift their spirits. Choosing your attitude in challenging situations. These human fundamentals are the heart of The FISH! Philosophy. Hospitals, clinics and senior care facilities use this philosophy to support their vital missions and values.

The FISH! Philosophy helps you improve…

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Patient Satisfaction

According to a Press Ganey survey, the top 15 factors in patient satisfaction all relate to how patients feel they are treated.

Patient Satisfaction

The FISH! Philosophy helps you build stronger relationships with patients. When they feel valued and heard, they are more compliant and have better outcomes.

Trust and Teamwork

Health care is fast-paced and complex. When work gets stressful, teamwork can suffer. Common purpose is essential.

Trust and Teamwork

The FISH! Philosophy builds the trust and appreciation that is key to great teamwork. It helps you care for each other so you can give your best to patients.

Morale and Retention

Every health professional experiences stress, but burnout and turnover is more likely when people feel alone & unappreciated.

Morale and Retention

The FISH! Philosophy gives staff ways to support and acknowledge each other, and to be personally accountable for how they impact others.

Awareness and Creativity

Every interaction with a patient, family member or coworker is a unique opportunity to make a positive difference.

Awareness and Creativity

In a FISH! mindset you see opportunities you never saw before. It helps you respond creatively to situations that scripts can’t anticipate, and delight your patients in unexpected ways.

The FISH! Philosophy is perfect for…


Build a foundation of positive engagement that boosts HCAHPS scores.


See new possibilities for making your patient’s day and create an experience that stands out.

Senior Care

Nurture an environment of respect, dignity and enjoyment for clients and staff.

Energize your care culture with our FISH! video programs and workshops:

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You can’t throw fish at work like the Pike Place Fish crew, but you can throw more love and care to your patients and coworkers! FISH! shows four powerful practices to improve engagement and results.

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FISH! Culture Training

A step up from the original FISH! program, this bundle includes tools to deliver a powerful FISH! introduction like our experts do, and nine additional video programs to maintain your momentum. The videos are great for addressing specific needs such as communication, trust or engagement.

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FISH! Business Solution

Combines all the resources for an exciting FISH! introduction, continuing conversations to ingrain the philosophy, and a leadership course to strengthen relationships and communication. Savings of nearly $1300 vs. buying these tools separately.

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FISH! Philosophy Trainer Training Workshops

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FISH! Speakers and Events

Our speakers are passionate about The FISH! Philosophy and they have a gift for helping people connect with their own passion and purpose. Book a FISH! speaker to lead your kickoff.

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health-care video case study:

It's a Way Not a Day

It’s a Way Not a Day

Filmed at an amazing hospital, this video shows how to anchor your values into your staff’s hearts and minds, so they approach every interaction through that lens.

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Learn how real organizations used The FISH! Philosophy to turn it all around.

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