For over 20 years the FISH! Philosophy has strengthened trust, teamwork and engagement – the foundation your team needs to excel.

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FISH! for one. FISH! for all!

Our programs work for companies of all shapes and sizes.


Build a culture that improves morale and engagement, teamwork, customer service and employee retention.

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Provide a compassionate, respectful patient experience, delivered by staff that lives your mission and values.

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Create positive, cooperative classrooms, allowing teachers and students to focus on learning.

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FISH! offers simple, yet effective strategies that allow you to focus on establishing core values that inspire your team, increase retention and customer satisfaction, and improve sales margins.

FISH! at Work

Improved employee retention rate by 25% within the first year!

Increased customer satisfaction by 30% within 60 days.

Increased employee productivity by 50% in the first year.

Created a dynamic employee culture within their call centers.