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Embracing change is essential for success.

If you’re not creating your future, you’re trying to catch up with it.

ChartHouse Culture Consulting helps you build a high-performing organization that thrives on change, continuous improvement and growth. We focus on strengthening the foundation of high performance—your culture. Using proven behavioral tools, including The FISH! Philosophy, our team works with your staff to develop the mindset and skills needed to achieve your strategic goals.

Ask yourself these common questions to see how we can help you:

It’s common for organizations to focus on certain issues while missing more important problems entirely. We start with a thorough team and individual assessment to get to the root of what is really happening, identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be, and create a plan to improve.
High-performing organizations treat people as human beings with emotional needs, not as “assets” or “capital.” The FISH! Philosophy helps people support, value and recognize each other. They communicate effectively and work collaboratively. They take responsibility for their attitudes. We work closely with your staff to master these human skills, improving trust, teamwork and performance.
We align your culture improvements with your vision, mission, strategy, systems and processes. Employees understand why the organization exists, where it is headed and how they can help it get there. They connect their personal needs with the organization’s needs. They are committed, not just compliant.
Creativity and learning are critical for success. But learning can shut down when people don’t feel safe to share their thoughts and feelings. We help you build an environment where people communicate honestly, disagree respectfully and feel safe to explore new ideas together.
Leaders who are willing to look in the mirror, honestly and humbly, set a powerful example. We help leaders to be fully aware of who they are “being” so their actions are in line with the organization’s values. We help them build relationships that inspire people to contribute their best.
People are more willing to embrace change if they help shape it. We involve people throughout the change process—sharing the reasons behind new strategies, seeking their feedback and helping them see how their efforts are critical to making the strategies work. Staff develops the trust to see change is essential to their individual success, as well as the organization.

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