Conversations don’t just impact your culture.  They ARE your culture…

The units for FISH! Culture include:

Conversation 1: The FISH! Philosophy – An overview of the four practices of The FISH! Philosophy – Be There, Play, Make Their Day, and Choose Your Attitude.

Conversation 2:  Be There – An exploration of what it means to “Be There” for your customers, coworkers, and yourself, and what some of the obstacles are that get in the way of us being there.

Conversation 3:  Play – A discussion of what Play means at your workplace, and how it can have a positive impact on creativity and productivity.  Play doesn’t mean you aren’t working, but instead is giving you permission to take risks and learn from them.

Conversation 4:  Play, Trust & Creativity – A deeper exploration of Play, and how it leads to greater creativity and the underlying requirement of trust required to successfully implement “play” at work.

Conversation 5:  Make Their Day – A conversation about how you can make a difference for your customers or co-workers by doing something that gives them a positive and memorable experience.

Conversation 6:  Choose Your Attitude – A discussion of the most important practice of The FISH! Philosophy – the one that sets the tone for the other three practices.  Every day you have the opportunity to decide for yourself what attitude you will have at work, home, or school.

Conversation 7:  Passion & Engagement – A deeper conversation of what makes people engaged in their work, and more wholehearted in their actions, and how the passion of individuals collectively drives an organization’s mission or purpose home.

Conversation 8:  Relationships – Discussion of how our relationships with our co-workers impact our workplace, including trust, listening, mutual respect, appreciation of each other, feeling safe to be yourself, and supporting one another.

Conversation 9:  Communications – A look at how effective communication in the workplace can help in creating a better environment, and how communication with co-workers and customers leads to stronger relationships.

Conversation 10:  Who Are You Being? – Just like you can consciously choose your attitude, you can consciously choose who you are being when you are doing what you are doing.

Bonus Conversation:  A Personal Journey – This bonus section covers how when you apply all of the aspects of The FISH! Philosophy to your work life, it can flow over into your home life, your relationships with your family members and friends, and your overall outlook in life.