The FISH! Philosophy Experience

When you introduce The FISH! Philosophy, you’re creating an experience designed to build personal commitment and team purpose.

Here are six keys to success:


People learn best when they are having fun. Whether you hire one of our amazing facilitators or do it yourself, we help you create an exciting kickoff. We also offer colorful accessories to reinforce learning.


Showing the FISH! video is the centerpiece of your kickoff. When people watch FISH!, they see their work in a new way. Like no other learning video, it inspires people to make a positive impact and have a great time doing it.


Now it’s time to talk about how we can apply the FISH! practices to create the culture we want. These essential conversations give everyone a chance to contribute, increasing a sense of ownership.


The beauty of The FISH! Philosophy is that you can live it in your own, authentic way. When you are “being” FISH!, you see opportunities to serve that you never saw before.


It’s easy to notice the negative. The FISH! Philosophy shows us how to make life better for each other. It’s critical to recognize and celebrate when you see a coworker use a FISH! practice to make a positive difference.


A leader’s example speaks louder than words. For The FISH! Philosophy to take hold with staff, leaders must live it first. Our FISH! For Leaders program helps leaders strengthen relationships with their teams.

The FISH! Philosophy can help you create
the change you are looking for:

The FISH! Philosophy is a fresh and powerful training solution. It helps you create a culture where people choose to bring their best to work. Organizations worldwide use The FISH! Philosophy to improve teamwork, customer service, employee engagement, leadership and retention. It works in a fish market and it will work for you. We will show you how.

“The simple principles in FISH! helped us to transform our culture from indifference to enthusiasm.”

– Rob Gregory, owner, Rochester Motor Cars

3 ways to improve your organization with
The FISH! Philosophy:

FISH! eLearning

FISH! eLearning

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FISH! Philosophy Speaker: Deena Ebbert

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Lead Your Own Training

Spark Energy & Engagement

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