Improving Customer Service Starts With FISH!

PROBLEM: Uninspired, robotic customer service

In the past when customers had a negative experience, they told their family and friends. Today they tell the world through social media. The cost to businesses? More than $330 billion per year.
What does it cost you?

SOLUTION: Deliver genuine service with
The FISH! Philosophy

Great customer service is more than a “technique.” It comes from the heart. When you are in a FISH! mindset, you see opportunities to make the customer’s day you never saw before. You find solutions to situations that scripts can’t anticipate. Customers love being served by “real” people who care.

If you’re looking to improve customer service, consider this:

Companies with highly engaged people outperform firms with the most disengaged by 89% in customer satisfaction.
86% of U.S. consumers will pay more for a superior customer experience.
An estimated $41 billion is lost by U.S. companies each year due to poor customer service.

The FISH! Philosophy can help you create
the change you are looking for.

“FISH! has become a key part of how we do business. Our profits are up, our customer satisfaction has improved and we’re having a lot of fun. Return on investment has been tenfold.”

– Mark Ruffalo, president,
California Harley Davidson/Buell

“Because of our positive customer service, we have a higher market share than our competitors. Using FISH! generates revenue.”

– Scot Woodland, manager,
Megaplex Theatres

4 ways to improve your organization with
The FISH! Philosophy:

FISH! eLearning

FISH! eLearning

Personalized Training for Team Success

FISH! Philosophy Speaker: Deena Ebbert

Speaking & Events

Inspire Remarkable Performance

Lead Your Own Training

Spark Energy & Engagement

Leadership Coaching

Powerful Leadership Development

Explore other areas for improvement:


Most people are not engaged in their work. The FISH! Philosophy empowers people to bring all of their talents
to work.



The key to great teams is how they treat each other. The FISH! Philosophy builds trust with the teammates
who need you.



Positive workplaces retain and attract great staff. The FISH! Philosophy builds a culture Millennials (and all generations) love.



Organizations need
expanded thinking. The FISH! Philosophy creates a culture where innovative ideas flourish.


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