A Remarkable Way – Choose Your Attitude

Acknowledge. Be Authentic. Take Action. Much more than happy-frosting, “Choose Your Attitude” is a healing balm for feelings of brokenness. Read on for the final segment of our four-part series A Remarkable Way, with FISH! expert Deena Ebbert. Plainly said, whatever language you are using to articulate your state of mind, whatever your attitude is, you're entitled to it. Here’s how to leverage attitude as a springboard; something that can successfully serve us.

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Embracing The Mantle of Leadership

If you are leading an organization in times of difficulty, you need an extra spark to keep your head up. The requirement for you to be the chief encourager and visionary doesn't dissolve because the economy is down. The expectation for you to show up with vision, passion, and commitment still rests upon you.   In times of difficulty, there is a separation among leaders – those who just have a “title” that indicates their leadership and those who truly have the mantle of leadership. The title will give that person access, provision, and affluence. The mantle of leadership, however, may also provide sleepless nights, heartache, and discouragement – as well as joy – at various times.

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A Remarkable Way – Play

Relax. Reimagine. Replenish. “Play.” The change of pace that makes all your hard work fall into place. Part three in our series A Remarkable Way, with FISH! Philosopher Deena Ebbert. Determination, courage, and the grit to get-it-done. Since the dawn of time, humans have combined these elements to successfully deal with stressful situations. Let’s look at one more thing we can put into the mix to make it all really work: Play.

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A Remarkable Way – Be There

Ask. Encourage. Listen. Share. A conversation with Master FISH! Facilitator Deena Ebbert, on ways to build relationships and strengthen connections through “Be There”; the first in our four-part series. The other day I was looking at my original copy of the FISH! book – the one I've been dragging around for 20 years - and something really stood out to me. On the cover it says, "A Remarkable Way"'. Let’s deep dive into the remarkable ways we can connect with other people, to build those relationships and strengthen those connections. Today, we’ll explore “Be There”.

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Share Your FISH! Story & Inspire Others

FISH! Philosophy friends, hi! YOU are the very heart of FISH!, and we’d love to hear your stories of inspiration, support, ways to keep connected… even when we’re at a distance. Your perspective is vital and delightful! Please join in the conversation. Maybe you’ll share a Be There moment of compassionate care. Or show us the ways you’ve found lighthearted levity and laughter with Play. Let us know… how is the Attitude you Choose serving you? Or give a shout-out to a person you’ve seen go out of their way to Make a Day!

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FISH! Philosophy Tips: How To Show Up For Yourself, And Others

There’s no denying it. We live in a different world than the one we lived in just weeks ago. Businesses worldwide have been affected in ways that are still largely unknown. Storefronts across the nation have either shut down completely or they are adapting to the new normal. The ways in which we interact with one another have shifted from mostly in-person to strictly virtual platforms—and our prior social norms are expected to transform in the near future to fit the post-pandemic reality. As we physically distance and adapt to this new world, we’re called to bravely show up for ourselves and each other. Now more than ever, looking to the practices of The FISH! Philosophy can help shape how we take on each day...

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FISH! in the face of COVID-19

As a former CEO of hospitals across the midwest for 35 years, our CEO Jonathan Goble brings a great perspective to FISH! in healthcare during this difficult time. I believe today, with the onslaught of COVID 19 ravaging our resources, our people and our attitudes, we (hospitals) are particularly at risk without a specific strategy to address the impact this pandemic has on our people and culture. As healthcare workers we are brave and will walk into the face of danger. We do it each and every day, even without COVID 19 present in our midst. We are hard workers who are willing to work extremely long hours when needed. We are called in and called off and still come back to serve our patients the next day. We have strange senses of humor because of the work that we face. It helps to be a bit irreverent when the seriousness of our work could easily drain our spirit. We are strong but the challenges of the healthcare world today threatens our infrastructure and our people. So, how could FISH! help? 

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5 FISH! Philosophy tips for staying focused

Human survival used to depend on being aware of everything around us, from predators to deadly weather. These days the “threat” is a constant flood of information. More texts and emails. More calls. More news. More entertainment. More everything. The result? We are trying to pay attention to so many things that we are losing the ability to focus for long on anything. According to one study, the average person loses concentration after eight seconds. A goldfish’s attention span is nine seconds. The ability to maintain attention is key to decision-making and performance. Research has found a correlation between focus and career advancement. Here are five tips to improve your focus skills:

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What’s So Great About a Positive Attitude?

In our last FISH! blog we explored how to mindfully Choose Your Attitude. In Part 2, we shed some new light on a particular attitude: When people say “Choose Your Attitude”, they usually mean, “Choose a Positive Attitude!” It can feel like an accusation or an order. What if you’re not naturally outgoing or you don’t have a sparkling smile? If you take care of your customers and get your work done, does it matter how you do it?

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4 FISH! Philosophy Tips to Choose Your Attitude

Job skills are critical for success. Attitude may be more important. More and more companies consider a prospect’s attitude at least as essential as education and skills. This trend is growing as the pace of change accelerates. To these employers, it makes more sense to hire people who are positive, collaborative and adaptable vs. someone who is hard to work with and resistant to change—and whose present skills, however considerable, may soon be obsolete anyway. If certain attitudes are vital to success, where do they come from? Are you born with them? Or can you develop them, like any other skill?

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