Control vs. Commitment

The news is full of stories these days about school discipline. How do educators maintain order so learning may occur? It’s a complex subject. Here are some thoughts from our book, Schools of FISH!:        In 1977, psychologist Carl Rogers described the traditional classroom: “The teachers are the possessors of knowledge, the students [...]

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Trust, Part 2: You Go First

Some FISH! Phil-osophy thoughts from our own Phil Strand, co-author of FISH! Tales and Schools of FISH!: In the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and his friend Sallah open a tomb containing the Ark. Peering into the darkness, Jones throws a torch into the tomb, revealing thousands of poisonous snakes. Jones and [...]

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Choose Your Attitude – 4 Steps to Ditch the Drama

Need a Choose Your Attitude boost? Check out these 4 simple steps and 5 favorite quotes via Deena Ebbert aka Propellergirl. Attitude is adhesive; the choices we make regarding our state of mind invariably impact those around us.  There are days we wake in a rush, haphazardly slap on some attitude, and hustle out the door.  Perhaps [...]

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Serious About Play

Through the years, one of the most common questions we’ve received about The FISH! Philosophy goes like this: “Our team loves the idea of The FISH! Philosophy but some people have a problem with Play. They say our work is too important to be “playing around” while we do it. How can I help them [...]

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Your Brain on Happy – Neurotransmitters and the FISH! Philosophy

The science of happiness, featuring the practices of FISH! and four favorite neurotransmitters, via Deena Ebbert aka Propellergirl. “Hardwired for happy” is more than my motto, it’s a scientific passion. Particularly, I’m fascinated by the four neurotransmitters commonly credited for relaying messages of happiness throughout the brain: Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Endorphins. Since this week’s focus is [...]

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The Traffic Cop

Long before he discovered the energy and excitement of the Pike Place Fish Market, John Christensen looked for people who worked with passion. One example came when he saw the move Flashdance in the early 80s. It’s about a welder (Jennifer Beals) who dreams of becoming a dancer. For John, the most memorable scene was [...]

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The Power of Curiosity

Some thoughts from our own Phil Strand, co-author of FISH! Tales and Schools of FISH!: I recently read a newspaper column about how social scientists are trying to improve thinking. One of their findings was that many beliefs we accept as “normal or inevitable” started as decisions that were logical at the time, and continue [...]

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The Perfect Gift

With the holiday season in full swing, shoppers are flocking into stores and searching online retailers for the best deals. But in Savannah, Georgia, a little boy has already found the perfect gift. We recently saw a CBS News story about Jaden Hayes. Jaden’s father died when he was 4. Two years later his mother [...]

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The Best Game Plan

Some thoughts from our own Phil Strand, co-author of FISH! Tales and Schools of FISH!: Recently I heard a football coach talking about the off-season work that had led to his team’s success. He mentioned early morning lifting sessions, voluntary summer workouts, long hours of studying game film. But the biggest key, he said, was [...]

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