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“This film is so much FUN to watch, and the message is so IMPORTANT to hear, that I carry it with me wherever I go.”

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of “The One Minute Manager”

“FISH! shows when you ignite people’s natural passion for serving others and having fun while you do it, you can achieve amazing results.”

Tony Hsieh, Founder and Former CEO of Zappos

How is a certification put into practice?

As a ChartHouse Learning Consultant, the question to ask yourself in all interactions with your clients is “How will I ‘be’ the experience I wish to help them create?”

We invite you to use our implementation tools – including the iconic FISH! Philosophy – to build customized solutions to ensure your customers create a vibrant organizational culture.

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FISH! is alive in organizations around the world—large and small, in all industries. Business leaders and owners, HR and training professionals, and individuals use The FISH! Philosophy to build cultures of service, trust, accountability and innovation.

80% of Fortune 500 companies have used The FISH! Philosophy to improve their company culture, and we have facilitated trainings in 30 countries. Our best-selling FISH! book has sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

To become a ChartHouse Learning Certified Consultant: 1. Fill out our online application. 2. Speak with a ChartHouse Learning representative. 3. Receive resources and training. 4. Grow your consulting business, and transform company cultures.

We’re excited that you’re interested in adding our proven culture-building tools to your toolkit. Certification provides you with the license to speak, coach and train others using content, resources and materials from ChartHouse Learning.

Let’s inspire hearts, spark transformation and empower the human spirit to practice engaged living… together. Get started today!

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85% of people dislike their jobs.

Our FISH! Philosophy inspires and teaches business leaders to create company cultures that keep employees invested for years to come.

Who Should Become a ChartHouse Learning Certified Consultant?

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What do you receive with a Certification?

ChartHouse Learning Certified Consultants receive more than $5,000 in training and products as part of the certification program.

  • Access to training materials: Videos, Guides, Workbooks & more

  • Commission on ChartHouse Learning products you sell to clients

  • Legal use of the FISH! brand and practices

  • Access to FISH! Masterclass: Leadership Training (6 sessions)

  • Participation in FISH! Train the Trainer virtual 3-day event

  • Exclusive access to our member-only resource portal

  • Access to culture assessments

  • Collaboration with the ChartHouse Learning consulting community

  • A personal ChartHouse Learning website created for you

  • FREE BONUS: 1-on-1 coaching to ensure success ($500 value)

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