Acknowledge. Be Authentic. Take Action.

Much more than happy-frosting, “Choose Your Attitude” is a healing balm for feelings of brokenness. Read on for the final segment of our four-part series A Remarkable Way, with FISH! expert Deena Ebbert.

Plainly said, whatever language you are using to articulate your state of mind, whatever your attitude is, you’re entitled to it. Here’s how to leverage attitude as a springboard; something that can successfully serve us.


You may feel frustrated. Angry. Fearful. Hopeless. It’s okay to say that out loud. Speaking our personal truth is a not only basic element of well-being, it can help us find solutions when life is rough.


Once you’ve called it what it is, be willing to look at your attitude from a different angle.
Words have meaning and power. Walking myself through my attitudinal language, I see ways to shift perspective:

  • Frustrated: I can choose to be a creative problem solver.
  • Angry: I can use my anger as a way to become committed and focused on making the situation… or even the world… a little bit better.
  • Fear and Hopelessness: I can take the opportunity to reach out and say I’m willing to ask for help; to be part of a larger community focused on good.


When we look at ways to name and own our attitude we find that it’s very liberating.
So go ahead, call it what it is, and then figure out where you want to go. If you’re having a feeling right now and you don’t like the way that it feels… if you’re afraid that it might turn into a little tiny ball of rage, and you think that that might not be your healthiest choice… think about what other language could you put in that place. Go ahead and write it down. I do that all the time. I have little scraps of paper everywhere where I’ve written down language that I know will successfully serve me.

It helps me ask myself: “What attitudes can I choose that will help me take better care of myself and others?”

Thanks for choosing to hang out with us for the conversations of A Remarkable Way, looking at Choose Your Attitude and Play and Be There and Make Their Day.

We’re your friends at ChartHouse Learning. We’re glad you’re here.

Guest Author: Deena Ebbert

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