FISH! For Schools is a family of products, developed by educators, that help you create a remarkable school culture. It builds a community where the staff is supportive and passionate, students are caring and focused, and everyone is excited about learning.

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Classroom Management

A classroom is a community. Every member plays a part in making it work.

Classroom Management

When students live The FISH! Philosophy, they help manage the classroom. Teachers spend less time putting out discipline fires and more time igniting learning.

Engaged Learning

When students feel cared for in class, they care more about what’s going on in class.

Engaged Learning

The FISH! Philosophy creates a culture where students feel safe and encouraged. They work harder and step outside their comfort zone to expand learning.

Positive Behavior

The most effective way to build positive behavior is to practice it.

Positive Behavior

Students who live the FISH! Philosophy learn how good it feels to care about others. Misbehavior and bullying decrease. Students build critical social skills for a lifetime.


Educators are under tremendous pressure. They need each other.

Staff Morale

The FISH! Philosophy helps staff support each other through the challenges of school life. A staff that appreciates each other is more unified, collaborative and creative.


Build a successful culture

Complete Pack

A great school year starts with a great culture. The Complete Pack provides tools—including the original FISH! video—to energize your staff, strengthen relationships among staff and students, and build respectful and focused classrooms. 

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Effective staff development

Guided Journey

The Guided Journey is a video-based, staff development course. It will help you become even more effective as an educator, strengthening relationships with your colleagues and students. Perfect for staff meetings or study groups.

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Improve classroom management

Classroom Experience

Increase positive behavior with the Classroom Experience. This research-based approach fits easily into your regular day, with age-appropriate activities to help students put the FISH! Philosophy into action. Build a caring classroom community, where students feel safe and ready to learn.

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“As my kids became a community and worked together, The FISH! Philosophy allowed me to become more of a facilitator instead of having to spend all my time watching them. They were doing their job, which allowed me to do my job. It allowed me to get back to who I was and why I got into teaching.”

-Chris Streiff, kindergarten teacher, Gage Elementary School


Energize your staff

FISH! For Schools Workshops

Get a booster shot of inspiration and insights at a FISH! For Schools workshop. Recharge your passion for helping young people. Learn strategies to create a school that you and your students love coming to every day. 

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