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When you visit World Famous Pike Place Fish in Seattle, you’ll see people who are passionate about their work, dedicated to serving others, and having a great time while they do it. FISH!, the most popular training video in the world, shows you how to bring that same energy to your work. FISH! teaches four simple skills anyone can use to achieve team success and personal excellence. It brings people together to accomplish any organizational goal.

“FISH! is one of the finest films I’ve ever seen on working and relating to people.” —Will Leinicke, Illinois Professional Development Partnership

FISH! is available as:

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And don’t forget to check out our FISH! Accessories—Pete the Perch and other colorful takeaways that add fun to your event and reinforce the learning.

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FISH! Includes:

  • FISH! Video 
  • 1 FISH! The Guide
  • Sample Bundle (1 Pete the Perch, 1 FISH! Pen, 1 Our Workplace Poster)

FISH! is available as:

  • DVD (standard definition with menus and subtitles, English and Spanish language with subtitles and closed captions)
  • USB Flash Drive (HD, English language only)
  • On Demand Streaming (3-day or custom subscriptions, English language in HD, English closed captions, English and Spanish subtitles)

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