Every day the employees of Pike Place Fish Market choose to bring a positive attitude to their jobs, “play” their way to greater productivity, be there for the customers they serve and find a way to make their day. As a result they have found remarkable success and satisfaction.

FISH! helps you apply these ideas to achieve your  organization’s goals. This program includes two tools that work together to create a successful training.

The FISH! Guide includes:

  • Essential background to understand and apply the FISH! practices.
  • Ideas on planning an inspiring event.
  • Instructions on designing a training session that’s right for you.
  • Questions to ignite important conversations about bringing FISH! to life in your work.
  • Activities to help participants experience FISH!
  • Tips on working with negativity, keeping the energy alive and measuring progress.
Download a Sample of The FISH! Guide

The FISH! video is the centerpiece of your kickoff. In 20 entertaining minutes, it shows how alive and enthused people can be at work. It gets people talking in a way they never imagined about the joy that’s possible during the major part of our lives we spend on the job.

The FISH! learning program includes a sample pack of our most popular accessories, such as Pete the Perch, pens and posters. People learn best when they have fun. Ordering accessories for each participant helps them stay engaged during your event and reminds them to live what they have learned.

If you already own FISH!, you may upgrade your VHS or DVD to a USB Flash Drive or On Demand Streaming. 

To begin your FISH! journey, call one of our experienced FISH! consultants at 800.695.4534


FISH! Includes:

  • FISH! Video 
  • 1 FISH! The Guide
  • Sample Bundle (1 Pete the Perch, 1 FISH! Pen, 1 Our Workplace Poster)

FISH! is available as:

  • DVD (standard definition with menus and subtitles, English and Spanish language with subtitles and closed captions)
  • USB Flash Drive (HD, English language only)
  • On Demand Streaming (3-day or custom subscriptions, English language in HD, English closed captions, English and Spanish subtitles)

FISH! Philosophy Clients:

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