• FISH! Trainer Tools

FISH! Trainer Tools


Trainer Tools helps you develop a plan, with the managers of your participants, to sustain the momentum your event ignites and build alignment with leadership that’s critical to success.

The benefits:

  • Save time and energy with customizable outlines for your FISH! event.
  • Meet the needs of facilitators, managers and participants through multiple learning styles.
  • Sustain long-term growth and change through supplementary materials.
  • Planning is made easy with all the materials provided!
  • Supports broader FISH! initiatives and culture transforming programs.

Have questions?

Our expert staff will help you find a solution that meets your needs. Call us at 800.328.3789 or email us at info@fishphilosophy.com.

What’s included:

  • Trainer Tools Facilitator Guide: Takes you through each step of planning and practicing for your presentation.
  • Facilitator Examples videos: Video clips of experts demonstrating key elements of a FISH! event.
  • Event Resources and Sustainability CD: Exercises and other resources you can print for your training.
  • Let’s Make A Day, Choose Your Attitude, Conversation Cards: Used in training exercises. Purchase more sets depending on your number of participants.
  • FISH! Participant Workbook: Questions and exercises to engage participants, follows same outline as guide. Purchase additional workbooks for $15 each.

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