• FISH! Culture Pack

FISH! Culture Pack


If you want FISH! to make a long-term impact, invest in FISH! Culture. It provides the tools you need to powerfully introduce the philosophy—including the video FISH!—plus nine additional conversations to keep your positive momentum alive. Each unit includes a short video that explores a part of the philosophy, conversation starters that encourage everyone to contribute, and action ideas to help you achieve your goals. You may also use the individual units as an ongoing resource to address specific needs such as communication, trust and engagement.

Learn more about the units in FISH! Culture.

If you already own the FISH! video, you can add the nine additional FISH! Culture units for $449. Call 800-328-3789 to order. Additional FISH! Culture Personal Workbooks are $16 each.


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The FISH! Culture Pack Includes:

  • 1 FISH! DVD
  • 1 FISH! The Guide
  • 1 FISH! Accessories Pack (includes a 4-pack of Pete the Perch, a 4-pack of FISH! pens, a 4-pack of FISH! magnets, a FISH! tote bag)
  • 3 FISH! Participant Workbooks
  • 1 FISH! Culture (described below)

FISH! Culture DVD: Includes FISH! and nine additional videos to ignite conversations. Bonus features for the facilitator.

FISH! Culture Facilitator’s Guide: Complete guide for leading conversations. Plus step-by-step instructions for introducing the FISH! video. 

FISH! Culture Personal Workbook: Thought-provoking questions and space for ideas, notes or reactions.

Audio Companion: Insights and stories from FISH! Philosophers to enhance your conversations.